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ASAP 24hr Emergency Door Repair in Burnaby

Welcome to Burnaby Garage Door Repair, your most reliable and fastest 24hr emergency door repair solutions. We cover all Burnaby, the Metrotown area and Brentwood town center in order to provide service in a wide area and meet all your needs. We stand ready 24/7 with no interruption so you will always find us available to come and assist you. We offer speed, dependable door frame repair at the greatest cost!


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Unfortunately, your door might have been kicked in during a break-in. Or the years have simply passed and your door is not shutting like it should anymore. Well, it happens a lot more often that people think. The only thing to do when one encounters door frame issues is to call the professionals and let them handle the hard work. The last thing you want to do is to try fixing your door frame by yourself and causing even more damages! Trust only expert people on these kind of issues!

24 Hours Door Repairs in Burnaby

Our team is only made of trustworthy, dependable and certified technicians who are the best in their field and in Burnaby including Capitol Hill and metro-town area. They are highly skilled and have years of practice behind them. They know how to repair any cracked or rotten door frame in just a few minutes, and even under the highest pressure! Let the specialists handle all your interior or exterior door frame issues. We will fix or change your door in the fastest time and at the cheapest price!

Interior & Exterior Door Repairs

Burnaby door repair is happy to offer dependable and professional residential door repairs in Burnaby, BC. We are known for the rapidity of our service and our ability to be responsive 24/7 with no interruption. Our experts can fix and change any interior or exterior door or frame that has been kicked-in after vandalism or accidents. Trust the best in this kind of situations.


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Your house might have been vandalized. Or your interior door frames might have been kicked-in by natural disasters. It is understandable that you can’t leave it like this! Your own security, the security of your family and of your house is at risk! No one would like to live forever like this in such a situation! Take time to analyze what you need and who to call. We are here to help you from the beginning until the work is fully done. We are not leaving you until you are 100% satisfied with the job performed.

Exterior and Interior Door Repair Burnaby


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The first thing to do is to hire a trustful and a professional company. Indeed, you don’t want to try to fix your exterior door frames by your own and causing more damages eventually. Burnaby Garage Door Repair hires only dependable, certified and licensed door specialists. We can guarantee you that they are the best people in their field since they already have years of experience and practice behind them. They know how to work fast and good under pressure which makes them the best qualified people.

Industrial & Commercial Door Repair in Burnaby

Burnaby Garage Door Repair is proud to offer the fastest, most affordable and dependable 24/7 commercial door repairs in Burnaby. We also provide service in Brentwood town center and Burnaby Metrotown area. Your office might have been broken-in, or maybe your doors are simply unresponsive after they have been in use for quite some time. Don’t worry and let the professionals handle your business door frame issues. We are qualified people and we are also equipped the latest tools on the market. Check around you and you will see that you made the right choice by calling us!


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We are a certified and bonded company that hires only dependable, licensed and skilled technicians in order of performing the best job. We don’t want to make you wait any longer that you should. We are able to change or repair all types of doors in the fastest time. You might think that it is not easy to repair doors such hollow metal or steel ones… Yet, our door specialists will prove you wrong! Only them, with the experience and the skills they have earn over the years, can make all the difference! They can change or fix all type of business door frames. That’s the precise reason why we are known as being the best emergency industrial door repair in the area!

Commercial Door Repair in Burnaby

Working hard and good doesn’t scare us: we are available round the clock, 24h a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It means that no matter when you encounter a door frame emergency, you can always ask us for help! We know that a exterior store door frame emergency can happen at any time, during the day or during the night as well. Don’t worry about this and call us right away! We will be happy to provide you with assistance within the fastest delay possible. Our door repair experts are just a phone call away from you, waiting to assist you and exceed all your expectations!

Screen Repairs or Replacement in Burnaby

Not only are providing fast and reliable 24/7 screen door replacement service, but we also provide with the cheapest rates that you can find on the market! Call us and ask us for a free quote and you’ll see that what we are saying is true. Providing high quality service doesn’t mean paying high rates! With us, you’ll get everything: the quality and a discount price! Hard to believe? Ask us for a free quote right away! Call us!


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Don’t wait any longer and call us for any emergency kicked-in door repair service that you may need. We stand ready for you 24hours a day, 7 days a week at any time we need us. It means that you can call us at any time of the night or even during holidays, and we will always pick up the phone and come help you asap! As soon as you call us, we will dispatch our sliding door specialists and they will come to help you right away, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

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Screen Door Repair Burnaby

Let us secure your doors! Our retractable security screen experts are always equipped with the best tools that we can find on the market. No matter what type of door you need us to change or repair, we can work on any types of them: automatic doors, glass doors, commercial metal doors and others. Remember: Burnaby garage door repairs is just one phone call away from fixing all your door frame issues! We take a great pride in our customers’ satisfaction, so be sure to be please 100% with us!